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Free Fall Tower


Thank you for visiting my LEGO Free Fall Tower project.
It is a motorized LEGO Free Fall Tower powered by one LEGO M-motor.
I always want to construct a minifigure scale thrill ride and make it fully automated model without any manual control or mindstome programming.
With countless trial and error, it leads to a successful result and I am quite happy to share it to all LEGO lovers! Please watch the video to see how it works!

Spec of the Free Fall Tower:
Maximum capcity: 12 minifigures
Length: 32 x 32 Studs (not include motor and gear box)
Structural Height : 65 cm
Drop Height: 54 cm

Gear Box serves 3 main functions:
1) Generating pull power
It will pull rope which connected passenger car so the car can be lifted up.
2) Looping 2 gear modes
First "pull mode" & Second "neutral mode". gear box will keep looping between two modes in a fixed time period. Pull mode will lift up the car and neutral mode will stop giving pull power so the car will drop.
3) Reducing drop speed
The main axle connects to a high scale gear. When the car drop, the main axle will make the high scale gear spin really fast and it will generate a reverse force to the main axle for reducing the main axle spin speed. As a result, the drop will slow down. (Just imagine you are playing beyblade)

If you like my project, please support and share because LEGO may release my creation if it got 10,000 supports.
Thank you very much for your support!
Best regards,
LeeYungChiu, a MOCer@ Hong Kong


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