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Renaissance Town Hall

The Idea

The early mordern period marked the beginning of the political emanzipation of commoners in Western Europe. The Age of Renaissance brought not only new ideas in culture and art but also led to the rise of merchants and craftsmen. Soon, some successful commoners became richer than most noblemen and the political balance of power shifted: Whilst the major European cities had been ruled over by lords or powerfull members of the clergy for centuries, the 15th century saw the creation of powerful guilds and city councils. Remnants of this socio-economical revolution can still be witnessed in many old European cities: pompous "Renaissance Town Halls"! Brick built symbols of the city council's new weath and political self-conception. Soon these "modern" cities became so rich and powerfull that even kings were in debt to them!

While my two latest builds are set in the medieval period, this "Renaissance Town Hall" trys to mimics the architecture of the early modern period in Germany and Italy which was a lot more flamboyant and colourful.

The Build

The "Renaissance Town Hall" consists of two floors and a big clock tower:
  1. the lower floor with a covered pavement which can be used for markets
  2. the upper floor which is used for the city council meetings

The upper floor is decorated with three statues of city patrons.

The "Renaissance Town Hall" consists of 2958 pieces and comes with 3 minifigures:
  1. The mayor
  2. A member of the city council
  3. An armoured guard

Length: 22.1cm
Width: 25.0cm

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Thank you so much for your support!

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