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Open MRI

Lego open MRI featured at UNTV Philippines


Why News aired 8.34pm (33.44) 10-Sep-19

C-NEWS aired 12.13pm (39:20) 10-Sep-19

Good Morning Kuya (GMK) aired 5.39am (54:01) 10-Sep-19

Ito Ang Balita (IAB) aired 5.59pm (1:21:49) 09-Sep-19

*Philippine time/ GMT+8

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No virus can stop us from scanning!


With the rise of different form and types of virus, Open MRI together with other imaging modalities is here to stay and help.

The Croydon radiographer designing Lego to help frightened children


02 March 2019

Thank you MyLondon!

The open MRI has a surprise filling inside!

***NEW*** Patients always wonder why can't they bring in their metallic pieces such as coins and keys, well here's a perfect way to show it without even going inside to an actual MRI scanning room! The open MRI has a surprise filling inside! Can you guess? The clue is on the name!