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The idea that is for them and by them...

Dear LEGO,

Every brick used on this was based on every patient's suggestions from kids to adults. The idea is for them and by them.

I understand that much is needed to improve the idea. Based on their recommendations, they wanted to add an interactive app where they can access the LEGO imaging modality (Open MRI, CT scan and DEXA) so they can see how they will be positioned for their scans. Sound play a major role for such types of equipment; a LEGO sound brick would be good too so they get used hearing it whilst building and playing turning their anxiety into curiosity. Motorizing the table/bed to lift and to go inside looks fantastic, one even asked if they can control it through their app, have the feel of what’s like in a control room and be the radiographer whilst others want it plain manual for that LEGO feel.

I hope you will be able to notice this letter. Thank you.



The scanning room and control room

I was asked a lot of times what surrounds an imaging modality...

Scanning room has the imaging machine which could be open MRI, CT scan or DEXAControl room is where we operate and manipulate the machine


Letter to LEGO

Dear LEGO,

If this idea will be approved, I will use it to be distributed to every hospitals or unit that has patients who are anxious and claustrophobic for a radiology procedure. As MRI radiographer and LEGO lover, patients and I will build confidence to be inspired to be strong and to overcome clinical obstacles and fears. Like a LEGO magnet, its irresistible force will give a positive attraction to patients about the wonders of radiology equipment like DEXA, CT Scan and MRI, open or the conventional type whilst using LEGO bricks. I will endlessly dedicate my whole self, my love for my patients, science and radiography to uplift, encourage and raise awareness to the global arena. It would be my greatest honour and duty to pull and push them to reach new heights and use the LEGO open MRI idea as a tool to be a symbol of hope, to instil courage, confidence to cope and triumph over with their fears.




LEGO Open MRI aims to reduce anxiety

23 July 2019

Thank you InHealth - United Kingdom!


Lego open MRI featured at UNTV Philippines

Why News aired 8.34pm (33.44) 10-Sep-19

C-NEWS aired 12.13pm (39:20) 10-Sep-19

Good Morning Kuya (GMK) aired 5.39am (54:01) 10-Sep-19

Ito Ang Balita (IAB) aired 5.59pm (1:21:49) 09-Sep-19

*Philippine time/ GMT+8

Thank you UNTV Philippines!


No virus can stop us from scanning!

With the rise of different form and types of virus, Open MRI together with other imaging modalities is here to stay and help.

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