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Open MRI


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If a patient has been referred for an open MRI it was because they failed to do it in the conventional MRI & if they fail to do this again because of claustrophobia it will further delay their treatment.

As an MRI radiographer with special interest to anxious/claustrophobic and plus size patients. I seek for a way and a solution to help my patients by conquering it one Lego brick at a time.

Lego open MRI is a toy that aims to give hope to help everyone i.e kids, who are curious & anxious. It was designed based on every patients’ suggestions & with patients in mind, to be shown at the earliest possible stage what will happen during MRI to eliminate misconceptions or worries like how far their head will go through, timings etc.

Lego open MRI get to do not only the fun stuff with me but also the part whilst explaining to the patient how the MRI procedure will be carried out, this will be amusing and interesting for everyone. A perfect way to reducing anxiety & excite their hydrogen atoms before the actual scan.

What separates this open MRI versus the conventional one is its wide unobstructed view, a perfect replica while explaining it to scanxious patients.

It has sliding table features that do not only show where your head and body will be but it shows as well what coil will be placed to you and how you will be positioned with it. MRI is not only about the machine itself but the coil is the piece that makes the pictures & are designed for each body part.

It can be transformed into another scanner replica with the same bricks. You can create an Upright MRI, CT scan and DEXA scan too! I hope to bring closer these unsung medical imaging scanners to the world, reintroduce them to anxious patients like kids, make it fun and interactive. To exhibit its medical benefits and create consciousness about radiology.

***NEW*** Patients always wonder why can't they bring in their metallic pieces such as coins and keys, well here's a perfect way to show it without even going inside to an actual MRI scanning room! The open MRI has a surprise filling inside! Can you guess? The clue is on the name!

I hope the world will help me to help all those who have scan related anxiety issues and the plus-size to do their MRI.

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