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The Iron Giant in the Forest


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The Iron Giant is one of my favorite animated movies. This movie is not only a great story with great characters, but an amazing work of animation, and that's why I made this Iron Giant. I really like how a good animation works with characters like the Iron Giant, how they could create a charismatic and emotional character with basic shapes and even without dialogues.

The model of the Iron Giant I've built doesn't have any point of articulation in the legs and the hips, but the upper half (torso, arms, hands, head, mouth) is completely articulated and pretty much any pose is possible. My first idea was to build an Iron Giant with articulated legs but it made the model too complex, less sturdy, and I didn't think it was necessary since I wanted it to be displayed on the base.

The base! I built a base for the Iron Giant. One of the things I love the most about the Iron Giant movie is the forest and autumn setting. The base has an elliptical black frame, dark tan ground and some vegetation. There are also three trees (they really help to show the scale of the Iron Giant) with orange leaves.

In the base, you can find the iconic S symbol (that can be attached to the Iron Giant too!), Hoggart and the red car he used as a rocket when he was playing with the Iron Giant.

I hope that you love this movie as much as I do, and that you enjoyed taking a look at my Iron Giant display. Thank you!

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