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This LEGO idea is a re-creation of a game called Townscaper, its a unique game there you can place out homes in an open water area and create buildings, stack them on top and on the sides.

Lets jump into the details of this build:
As you can see there's red, yellow, green, red and purple homes widespread on this island and also a large beacon that's made with white and red colours, and an entrance at the bottom, and on top a large glass dome.
All the roofs has the same colours as in the game which is orange.
There's also some grey birds sitting on them which also exists in the game.
Around the stone edge of the island is surrounded with brownish red slope bricks, and as well as some sand around the bottom edges with the crystal clear water.
There are small and big bushes, stone tiles on island ground, yellow lights on home walls and a staircase down to the tiny little beach place.
There's much to discover in this set and lots of joy setting it up! 1705 pieces to be exact :)

Why i built this is because I have played the game and i adore its wonderful design and visuals, so i came up with an idea to make it as a LEGO set! Took a while to build this one, definitely worth it!

I believe this is a great set for any age for everyone, why not try out the game as well!

Created by: Cronibet
Quality Photo: High + Piazza
Developer of the game: Oskar Stålberg

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