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The Catacombs in Paris and the Metro – [LDD]

The Catacombs, Les Catacombes, in Paris is a very exciting and also creepy place. There are lots of skeletons and skulls.

The model is built around two City Road Plates of 16 x 16 with two pavements of 4 studs each. To get down into the catacombs, there is a secret descent hidden in the pavement that only our hero knows.

Our explorers climb down a long ladder and come down to a large collection of skeletons stacked neatly with arms, legs, bodies and skulls individually. There is also a hidden treasure in the catacombs. And an underground river.

The Paris metro runs along the Catacombs and there is also a secret entrance from the metro.

The upper part with the street with City Road Plates and a typical Parisian street lamp can be removed and part of the wall can be opened.

All new stickers / tampon prints are designed in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD's standard size.

There are 1441 elements including 3 Minifigs and 2 straight railway tracks.

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