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Portal 1&2


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This is the Lego Portal Set. Since there is a Lego Dimensions of it, I thought there should be a Lego set.

It includes Chell, the main protagonist of the games, with two portal guns, (blue and orange), and her two corresponding colors of portals, GLaDOS, (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), the main antagonist of the 1st game, a supporting character of the 2nd. Wheatly, the main antagonist of the 2nd game, (Sorry, spoilers), a giant test chamber, platforms for the test chamber, diagonal portable surfaces, a hard light bridge, P-Body & Atlas, the two Co-op characters of Portal 2, with their corresponding guns and portals. *Deep Breath*. 3 gel launchers, two of each gel, anger ,curiosity, space, adventure, cake, fact, and morality cores. (Wow, that was a mouthful!) A waited button, a cube button, a spherical button,two pressable buttons, each games elevators and doors, a laser shooter and a laser collector, an aerial faith plate, a pellet emitter and a pellet collector, and lastly, GLaDOS from Portal 1, potato GLaDOS, and a crow.


Thanks for supporting (hopefully)! This set would be around 2,894 pieces, and took me months to build on LDD


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