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Portal 1&2


Merry Christmas!!

Hey Guys! Thanks for helping me out these past two months, so... Merry Christmas!! Sorry for the bad pics.


50% to 100 Supporters

Thanks guys so so so so much for helping me make it to half way to 100 supporters! Tell your friends, so that we can make it to 100 supporters.

P.S. If this time doesn't work out, I'll send you guys a link to the new project.



'Nuff said (P.S. What do you think of the different cakes? The two on the right are my own design, the one on the left is from LEGO Dimensions)


Laser Emiter& Reflection cube

So, I designed the lasers&laser cube to work in that the laser can go through the cube. Here are a few pics and angles!


Better Look at Chell and Wheatly

These are pics of Chell (From Portal and Portal 2) with the portal gun(s). Also, as a bonus, WHEATLY!!

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