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Genshin Impact - Dvalin

About Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact is a game released on September 28, 2020, it’s an open-world game that takes place in a fictional world named Teyvat, which is divided into seven nations, each is ruled by a different god with a unique element, the story is about the traveler (Lumine or Aether) who is in search for their lost sibling, as their journey progress they too gain control over the elements and make several friends.

About this Set
The set is based on one of the game’s boss fights with the most focus given to the boss himself, Dvlain, it also contains a stage from the same domain and three characters, the stage also contains Anemogranas on both sides as shown in the game.

Dvalin - An Anemo elemental dragon and an old friend of Venti, his build is composed of several parts, each connected by tow balls: the body, 6 wings each composed of hinge plates, head with a mouth that opens, legs and tail segments.

Venti - The Aenmo archon, the god of Mondstadt, has a cape and a bow.

Traveler (Lumine/Aether) - Two Minifigures, of the two main characters the player can choose, each has a sword and their elemental skill - the palm vortex (Lumine - regular palm vortex, Aether - Pyro palm vortex, of course, they can be swapped) and Aether also has a scarf.

As for the stage, other than adding to the scenery I believe it can be used as a nice stand for Minifigures.

Why did I build this?
I have played Genshin Impact for some time now and loved LEGO for as long as I can remember, so I decided to build something regarding Genshin Impact, Dvalin is what came to mind due to how much I loved the dragon’s design.

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