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Modular Island Fortress


     Every army needs a base, and with pirates swarming these tropical waters, the bluecoat imperial soldiers have established themselves on a lonely rock jutting above the tides.  Originally designed for stop motion filmmaking, I have built this fortress to be fully modular with removeable walls and floors. 

     The structure features 4 colored and textured levels, a curved wall, turrets, a flagpole, columns, openings for cannon and musket fire, and carved stone steps up to the thick wooden door. 

  1. Inside the rocky foundation is a cellar with barrels, crates, a table, 5 sleeping bunks, weapon storage, a prisoner's cell, torches, and a ladder. 
  2. The level on the rocky ground is accessed from below by trapdoor and above by stairway.  This level features the stronghold's only entrance and 2 cannons on wheels. 
  3. The level above contains a narrow passageway as well as a doorway into the admiral's sleeping quarters, containing a bed, map, candle, quill, goblet, and sword display. 
  4. The multi-level roof offers a ladder, room to form ranks, and 2 360-degree swivel cannons.

     Visible in the photos are a commanding admiral, an officer, and 6 bluecoats on duty complete with muskets, shakos and epaulettes.  6 more bluecoats are off duty without complete uniform in the cellar/sleeping quarters, where 6 packs are hung up ready for expeditions beyond the island in their blue boat.  A pirate is held prisoner as well, waiting to be rescued by 5 of his armed comrades in a boat of their own.

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