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City Park


City park is a place where everyone will find something for him. A sculpture in the center with fence is the main thing. Around it you can find a loved couple, a man reading newspaper, a man cleaning park, and a woman photographing a snake in bushes. There is also a boy at skateboard with a dog, and a cat at apple-tree. You could use it as a main place in a center of your city or as a place for recreation and rest for your LEGO minifigures.

We - me (33) and my 7 year old son - love sets with city places and vehicles. So I was encouraged by my son to build something and submit to LEGO Ideas :)

This is my first set in LEGO Ideas. I what to thanks everybody for support, leaving a comment and following - yes, to you too :) In fact my son is greatful to. Enjoy :)

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