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Bob Ross & "The Joy of Painting"


The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross is a classic PBS television show from the 80s and 90s. Educational, informative, and a master artist, Bob Ross was arguably the greatest painter who ever lived. From "happy little trees" to serious life lessons, Bob's commentary never ceased to entertain! Even though it is only 42 pieces, this little set is the perfect way to remember the great Bob Ross.

More information about Bob Ross can be found here:


Set features:

  • 42 pieces - 8 bricks wide, 8 bricks deep, and 6-1/3 bricks tall
  • Bob Ross Minifgure, complete with paints and brush
  • easel with canvas, featuring an original Bob Ross Painting
  • display stand and black backdrop designed to mimic the TV set
  • informational display plaque

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