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Mobile Stand

LEGO Technic - Mobile Stand:
As the name says, it is a stand for holding and charging your mobile devices. It is designed for use of mobile phones and tablets and will support 5 inch to 10 inch mobile/tablets devices, positioned horizontally or vertically.

I wanted a stand for my mobile phone and something that the viewing angle can be changed easily to suite different situations. The idea to build this stand came about as a way to keep my devices organised and safe when charging. I also thought why not build my own stand using LEGO, use what you have rather than buy something new and LEGO is such a reusable product. I wanted the stand to suit it's intended purpose, so I used the design principle KISS when designing and building the mobile stand.
This is a simple use of LEGO Technic and shows how LEGO can be used to solve practice problems too. It is a sturdy, solid mobile holder and does exactly what it is intended to do.

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