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Shell Gas Station

This is a model of a Shell Oil gas station. It was built in LDD 4.3 but imported to Studio 2.0 and rendered in POV-RAY. The model itself contains 12 gas pumps, a store, a vacuum, an air pump, a gas price sign, along with a dumpster, two cars, and a gas truck. It measures 45.4" x 30.3" x 6.4" and weighs 8.38475 lbs.
The model clocks in at 1,810 bricks. I built it mainly because my grandfather (who passed away in 2017 from FTD) worked for Shell Oil, but also because I wanted to build it for Ideas. I think it would make a great LEGO set because we haven't seen a brand-name LEGO gas station before. I think it would make a great collector's set. I hope you will vote for it. -BrickBoy_13

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