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Series 600 Subway Train

The series 600 subway train is a set of three elements (two traction cars with a carried car between them) built between 1986 and 1989, and you can still find some of them around Milan's line 1 subway even today! The livery I decided to use is the original 1964 one, even if today, you can't find it on trains anymore.

It all started with my passion for railways: the first thing I tried to design was a diesel loco, a typical American loco. Unfortunately, it didn't come out as I planned. When I came across the LEGO Ideas website, the first thing I wanted to share with everyone was a train. I thought a lot about what train to build, but nothing came to my mind. I realized what I could have created one day going to school, while I was sitting on the same train, I decided to build. I think this would make a great LEGO set for two reasons

1: Italy sadly isn't well known for trains or subways, and it is a shame, because the Italian railway system is full of hidden gems; so this might be the first Italian train to ever be produced by LEGO and this would make a lot of people happy.

2: There are a lot of people enjoy displaying trains and LEGO models around the world, and this set could be appreciated even by people who never knew about the subway system of Milan.

IMPORTANT: The set is not motorized, even the wheels aren't real. This set is made for display only!

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