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BattleTech Atlas


A minifigure-scale model of the Atlas AS7-D BattleMech from the BattleTech/MechWarrior franchise based on its latest depiction in videogames.


  • Advanced articulation - the mech is highly posable thanks to a realistic number of movable joints: 1 in each foot, 2 in each leg and arm, 1 for each of the 10 fingers and a turntable in the waist which allows the torso to spin around.
  • Minifigure-compatible cockpit - the top part of the mech hinges back to reveal a detailed cockpit which can easily accommodate a minifigure, allowing it to look out the pilot's window.
  • Presentable from all sides - no areas of the model have been left unfinished or lacking detail, therefore it doesn't only have one "camera-friendly" side - it can be viewed from all angles without displaying any unsightly parts.
  • True minifigure scale - this mech doesn't only fit a minifigure inside; it is actually properly sized to show the true scale of the Atlas.
  • Pilot minifigure - a MechWarrior minifigure is included to put inside the cockpit or display the size difference between the Atlas and a human.

The model displayed in submitted renders contains 1871 pieces, including the minifigure.

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