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Ski Lodge


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    After a fun filled day of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or just building a snow man, Lego minifigures on a winter vacation need a place to stay for that "long winters night."  This fully modular Fully furnished Ski Lodge will do the trick it is loaded with details such as a dinning hall, ski shop, balconies, christmas trees, front desk, fully furnished kitchen, bedroom and a balcony bridge

    Oh and there is two fully modular fully furnished cabins for sleeping and resting. These cabins also are overflowing with details like a loft with three beds, small kitchenet, fireplace, couch, Christmas tree and even a bath room.

    This design comes with eight minifigs a snowboarder, skiier, front clerk, lodge manager, chef, two other minifigs and a snoman.

    As for minifig asscesories; we have a slew of dishes and food, a snowmobile, hats and hairs for all minifigs, five pairs of skis, a snowboard, some suitcases and a little dog.

    I have alot of updates planned for this project so stay tuned to see possible additions like...

-adding snowboards to the ski shop 

-adding more snow

-adding Christmas decorations

-YT vid with link displaying the build

    Sidenote sorry for the poor renders studio 2.0 does not have all the Lego elements ...yet.

   Thankyou for your support