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The Lego Swiss Train


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The Lego Swiss Train (SBB RE 460 locomotive with 1st class passenger coach)

Hey together

My name is Brickmax and I am the creator of this Lego Set idea.


I'm a very big Lego fan. And one of the biggest honours that can be given to such a fan is when you are allowed to design your own set. And thanks to this Lego Ideas project, it's also possible for anyone to become a designer. Since I come from Switzerland, I wanted to build a Lego set that would reflect my home country. But many people who don't come from Switzerland should also like this. So much for my choice of a train. Because when you think about Switzerland, you don't just think about the high mountains, the beautiful lakes or the delicious chocolate but also about our railway system (Swiss Federal Railways), which connects all cities and destinations in Switzerland. I decided on the RE 460 locomotive because it is an "all-rounder". Fast, straight and everywhere applicable in passenger traffic.

What is included?

  • RE 460 locomotive
  • 1st class passenger coach
  • Small platform
  • 40 rails (straight lines)
  • 16 rails (curves)
  • 6 minifigures


  • Locomotive: 41cm long / 13.5cm high / 8cm wide ( 16.1 Inch long/ 5.3 Inch high/ 3.1 Inch wide)
  • Coach: 50cm long/ 12 cm high/ 8 wide (19.6 Inch long/ 4.7 Inch high/ 3.1 Inch wide)
  • Platform: 45cm long / 20,5 high / 6,5 wide ( 17.7 Inch long/ 8 Inch high/ 2.5 Inch wide)

In total this set has 2943 parts

  • 1312 Parts for the locomotive
  • 1201 Parts for the coach
  • 349 parts for the platform
  • 25 parts for the figures
  • 56 rail parts (40 straight lines and 16 curves)

SBB RE 460 locomotive

This approx. 40 cm long locomotive consists of about 1300 parts. I paid special attention to the shape and details of the locomotive. I tried to find a good ratio between size and detail, so that the locomotive comes so close to the minifigure size but is not too oversized. This locomotive offers everything a locomotive need. All doors can be opened, the interiors are detailed, both current collectors can be adjusted, and coaches can be easily attached thanks to the magnetic coach coupling. I have also made sure that the coupling is at the same height as the Lego City trains to increase the playability of the set. To get inside the locomotive it is possible to remove a small part of the roof. For the people who prefer to control this train remotely rather than to set it up or just play with it, for those peopleI have designed the model especially so that it is possible to easily equip it with "Power Functions" or with the new system "Power UP". All you have to do is mount one of the bogies, attach your own, insert a battery box, pull the cable through the blue square and, if necessary, remove a small part of the roof to attach the receiver. It's that simple.

SBB 1st class passenger coach

The person comes with about 1200 stones and a length of 50 cm. Inside there are seats for 20 figures and a small toilet at one end of the car. To get inside it is possible to simply remove the roof. All four doors of the coach can be opened naturally, so that minifigures can get in and out without problems.

The platform

The platform comes with a length of 45 cm and has about 350 parts. It has a small bench and a scoreboard with the sector and the track number. The letters of the town sign are changeable. The box contains letters for 5 famous cities in Switzerland: Bern, Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Thun (my hometown).

This is my attempt to create a "perfect" train and I hope that this idea will convince many. I thank you very much for your support and I am always open to suggestions for improvement, please write them in the comments.


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