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The Lego Swiss Train


Thank you !

Hello everyone.
I want to thank you all for the great support you have given to my project. I could never imagined that this train would get almost 2000 supporters and I am very happy about that. But like every journey, also this one has an end and so this unfortunately comes closer and closer and I would like to thank you for this great and generous support and at this point also want to make a small announcement. In the comments I have read that many of you would have liked to have the building instructions of the train, but I was always unsure whether I should really release the file because the model has here and there a few minor and major flaws in the stability, but for your great and generous support I want to show my thanks and have decided to build the train again with all the improvement suggestions that you have written to me in the comments, with a generally more robust design and a set of instructions that everyone can download for free. This improved train will be uploaded again in Ideas as « The Lego Swiss Train 2 » or something like that. This new project will take some time and since I'm currently working on two other projects, it will probably take a couple of weeks and I would be very happy if you join me on this journey to. 
But now I say goodbye to you all and thank you again for traveling with the Lego Swiss Train and hope you enjoyed the ride. 
My name is Brickmax and I was the creator of this Lego set idea. 

Thank you!


Thanks for 1000 Supporters

Huge thanks for your support!