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Build-a-Melody Working Record Player

Build tunes out of LEGO and play them on the Build-A-Melody working record player!

Build-A-Melody records are brick-built discs with colored tiles on their underside. Each tile corresponds to a musical note to play in a short song/melody. The Build-A-Melody record player is integrated with the LEGO Powered-Up system. It has a motor to spin a mounted Build-A-Melody record and a color sensor to read the record's colored tiles. The record player's Powered-Up hub connects to an app which has logic to map the colors to musical notes and then output over speakers.

You can find source code for the app I built to operate the record player on GitHub:

The current state of this project is very much a proof of concept. As can be seen in the video below, the Powered-Up color sensor has trouble accurately reading colors. It also has a limited set of colors that are detectable. I believe all this could be fixed by using a scanner code system similar to the one used in the Super Mario line of sets. However, this more reliable scanner code system is only possible if LEGO puts Build-A-Melody into production, and I need your support to make that happen!

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