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Kaamelott, the Knights of the Round Table


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Ahoy, ultimate fans of Kaamelott, rejoice! Time has come for the legendary Arthur, King of Britain and his mob to take life in the shape of our beloved (and as legendary) plastic brick :)
Kaamelott is a highly popular French, comedy medieval fantasy television series, bringing a humorous interpretation of the Arthurian legends. It was released across 6 “books” (seasons), for a total of more than 450 episodes, and three more movies are now being produced for release in cinemas.
Having that said, this idea should also appeal to all Castle lovers around the world, particularly if the Arthurian legend piques your interest :)
Designed like cinema sets, with open (or openable) walls and a mobile platform to record pieces of episodes, this set recreates iconic places from the series:
  • The Throne Room, where Arthur receives requests (and get sometimes upset too);
  • The dining room, where vivid discussions take place between the King and his family-in-law;
  • The bedroom, where ideas are shared in calm and serenity;
  • The Tavern, Perceval and Karadoc’s headquarters;
  • The Forest, in which it is easy to distinguish North from South;
  • And the Round Table, place of useful and passionate meetings…
Interior spaces include medieval decoration, largely inspired by the on-screen set, including furniture, weapons, chimney, candles, torches, food… Not forgetting the stylised coat of arms from the series.

To be noted that the bed had been designed to open up, fit two minifigures, sitting or lying down, and close just like a blanket.
The Forest and the Tavern can be detached from the rest of the build, so the set and the field depth can vary for the episodes’ needs.
It pays homage to 12 of the main characters: Perceval, Karadoc, Lancelot, Leodagan, Bohort, Merlin, Blaise, Guenièvre, Dame Séli, Calogrenant, Le Tavernier and, obviously, King Arthur.
7 more characters were added after a few weeks (Elias de Kelliwic'h, la Dame du Lac, le Roi Burgonde, Guethenoc, Roparzh, Yvain & Gauvain), bringing the total to 19 characters.
All of them with their outfits from the first seasons of the series, that I have redrawn myself, with heads drawn specifically for them, most of them with double expressions. And with their accessories: helmet, swords, crossbow…

Two more minifigures participate to the set, as operators of the cameras, computers and other recording systems. They have their own platform, loaded with equipment and fitted on 4 planes wheels, able to move fast all around the set and connect to the Technic bars and pins placed in front of every recording places.

Of course, this set would only be whole with a bunch of easter eggs from various episodes from the series:
  • The discobolus, brought back from Rome in the bedroom;
  • The map on the table, which stinks like Karadoc’s feet;
  • The cat on the bed, more exactly Merlin during the Week of the Cat;
  • The shark’s tooth, forgotten in the Tavern;
  • The catapult, in the courtyard (even though… It is not so simple). Note that we are talking about an actual ballista here, fitted on wheels and designed to throw Lego pieces thanks to a counterweight and an arm balanced by a cable.
  • And, last but not least, the Graal itself! Deeply hidden in a corner of the forest… Unless it is actually an anchovy jar?
Now, here we go! For a chance to add this 2958 pieces set to your collection, to play with, or simply display it next to your Kaamelott DVD collection, please support, tag, share, repost
And if you have any suggestions to improve the proposition, by all means, do reach out and leave a comment!
Thanks :)

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