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Kaamelott, the Knights of the Round Table



Dear supporters, you are simply incredible!
We are only 100 supports away to the finish line in basically a month.
I am amazed, blown away by so much support in so little time!

As a sort of thank you and final update, I bring to you… Excalibur! The legendary sword of King Arthur, which can recognise the exceptional destiny of its bearer, and lights up accordingly:

An epic extract from the show to illustrate this image, Arthur in “Livre I, The Grail’s True Nature”:
What is the Grail? You don’t know. And me neither. And I don’t care! Look at us: none of the same age, none from the same place! Lords, Lonesome knights, rich or poor. But, around the Round Table, for the very first time in Brittany’s history, we are all looking for the same thing: the Grail! It is the Grail that makes you Knights, civilised people, that differentiates you from barbarian tribes. The Grail is our union, it is our greatness!

Original (French) version:
Qu'est-ce que c'est, le Graal ? Vous savez pas vraiment. Et moi non plus ! Et j'en ai rien à cirer ! Regardez-nous : y'en a pas deux qui ont le même âge, pas deux qui viennent du même endroit. Des seigneurs, des chevaliers errants, des riches, des pauvres. Mais, à la table ronde, pour la première fois dans toute l'histoire du peuple breton, nous cherchons tous la même chose : le Graal ! C'est le Graal qui fait de vous des chevaliers, des hommes civilisés, qui nous différencie des tribus barbares. Le Graal, c'est notre union. Le Graal, c'est notre grandeur !
Again, I cannot say how grateful I am to all of you, I can only write here a HUGE THANK YOU!

Now, let's get those final 100 supports :)



Hello ladies and gentlemen,
We are getting closer and closer to the 10,000 line, so exciting!
In the meantime, I just share a couple more images among those that have been created for the project's social media promotion, and I hope you will enjoy them too :)
Again, thank you so much for your incredible support!

Livre I, Le Discobole

Livre I, L’imposteur

Livre III, Le Mangonneau

Livre IV, La Poétique II, 1ere partie

Livre III, Le Médiateur

Livre II, Excalibur et le Destin

Livre IV, La Baliste II

Livre I, Basidiomycètes



Yes, I know we are actually closer to 8,900, but again, the system goes faster than I can produce, my apologies!
Anyway, to thank everyone for the 7,500 supports milestone, I would like to introduce 4 new characters, namely the funniest duos of the show: Guethenoc & Roparzh + Yvain & Gauvain :)

And here are a couple of scenes created for them:
Livre IV, Vox Populi III

Livre I, Les Nouveaux Frères

 Livre III, Feue la poule de Guethenoc

 Livre II, Feue La Vache de Roparzh

Livre III, L’Espion

Enjoy, a huge thank you to you all, and see you later!



Thank you so much all for your incredible support!
A few last push to get the Holy Grail :)



Hi everyone!

To celebrate the 5,000 supports (yes, I know it was few days ago, and we are now above 6,600, but as Guenièvre would say, things go a bit too fast for me), I propose to resolve the greatest mystery of the series, which bothers fans since generations and generations: where is this goddam chicken?!?

Instead of searching on a picture (too easy!), I put here a link to a simplified copy of the 3D model of the castle:
No need plugin or anything, but best to open it from a computer, it is not so easy to use from a phone…

Since I was there, I threw 7 more iconic objects from the show, more or less easy to find: a little silver hairbrush, a pot from Karadoc’s grandmother, the Anchovy Jar, a bunny, the Moon Stone, and Incandescent Stone and of course... The Holy Grail itself!

For those who can find the answer, the reward is 2,500... Well, let’s see after a few nights of rest ;)

Here is your playground, enjoy!

And let me know when you find everything, of course :)


2,500 supports achieved!

Hello everyone!

I promised myself that I would add some surprises for each significant milestones of this journey, but the flow of votes had been so overwhelming that I didn't have time to prepare something to celebrate the 2,500 supports that we are already above the 5,000! You guys are just amazing.

Anyway, for this first update I wanted to add some characters to the set, and from polls organised on Facebook, people spoke: The Dame du Lac obtained 39% of the votes, even though nobody can see her; far behind, Elias de Kellewic'h obtained 11% and the Roi Burgonde 10%, everyone else was below 8%. Therefore, those are the 3 that would join the mini-figs of Kaamelott castle.

And here are a few situations those characters found themselves into accross the first books of the series:

Livre I, La Grotte de Padraig

Livre II, Le Traite de Paix

Livre I, Les Défis de Merlin

Hope you like them :) Now let's keep going towards the 10,000!

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