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Wayne Manor


Wayne Manor

The Joker has taken over Wayne Manor with the help of the villains he freed from the phantom zone. This set is based on Bruce Wayne's manor from the Lego Batman Movie with rooms that were already in his house, as well as attachments the Joker built. These rooms include:

- The entrance with two paintings, a W shaped dining table and a rotating fireplace with the batpole on the other side.

- The bat garage where batman shoots Barbara Gordon with the merch gun.

- The pool with a diving board to jump from the top pool to the lower one.

- The kitchen with a fridge, a tank for the lobsters and a microwave to heat them up.

- The bathroom with a bathtub and a sink.

- A room with the Babs signal.

- The bedroom with a bed, weights, a rock climbing wall and a punching bag.

- A room with the roller coaster seen in the movie.

- The home cinema.

- The entrance to Joker's tower (through the mouth).

- Joker's hall of mirrors

- Joker's lair with a big statue of Joker's face.

This set includes two daleks (a red one and a beige one) and eight minifigures:

- Batman

- Alfred (in a 1966 batsuit)

- Nightwing (Robin in a batsuit)

- Soccer Mom Batgirl

- The Joker (without his coat)

- Harley Quinn (with a tutu)

- A Gremlin

- Lord Voldemort

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