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Dr. Fred’s Motel


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Dr. Fred’s Motel

Hello everybody! I resubmit my sixth project on LEGO ideas. This one is based on the graphic adventure game Day of the Tentacle (Maniac Mansion II), developed and published by LucasArts.

I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours building this project with LDD, and several more rendering the different views, objects and details (there are lots of them). It’s been a hard work, but at the same time it’s been very pleasant too. The main features are set forth below.

The Motel

The motel has three floors; a ground floor, a first floor and an attic. The original house of the game further comprised a basement and a second floor, but I had to simplify it in order to make a smaller model.


It is made by a four-step staircase flanked by two wooden columns which in turn support a door canopy. Above it, there is an arrow sign advertising the motel with many incandescent colour light bulbs.

Ground Floor

It comprises a reception, an office and a living room. One of the corners lodges a staircase which provides access to the first floor. The original house also had a dining room and a cleaning room/laundry. The ground floor has many interesting objects, some of which are mentioned below:

  • A grandfather clock, a cactus and a reception desk on the reception.
  • A desk, a chair, a standing lamp and a hidden strongbox on the office.
  • Two dirty tables with a mess of dishes, glasses and food scraps on the living room.

First Floor

It has two rooms surrounded by a large corridor with a vending machine and a chest fridge. The original house had a third room (a motel guestroom).

One of the two rooms is the bedroom of the Purple Tentacle and the Green Tentacle. It has many pieces of furniture (a bunk bed, a wardrobe, a board with a map, etc.) and also many objects (a bowling ball, a rubber duck, a video recorder, a globe, etc.).

The other one is a guestroom of the motel. The most remarkable object is a heart-shaped massaging bed. Other interesting objects are; a night table with a red phone, a cupboard with a TV, a table lamp, and a CCTV camera.


The attic has two storage areas (lofts) beneath the sloping roof, separated by a wooden wall and sharing a floor made of wooden planks.

The first area comprises a hatch that provides access to the first floor through a foldable staircase. A hanging lamp illuminates a white table which occupies part of the room. Around the table, near to the walls, there are many boxes and archives. A broken office chair is kept on the top of a pile of boxes.

The second area has a mattress on which rests a wrapped sculpture (it is involved in one of the puzzles of the game). An armchair is disposed by the mattress. On the walls rest other objects, for example; a metallic headboard, a coat stand, a painting and many boxes.


Purple Tentacle.

Green Tentacle.

Wrapped Sculpture (the red minifigure of the attic).


I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!


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