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Carpentry, Smithy & Dojo


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Carpentry, Smithy & Dojo

Hello everybody! After some time being quite busy with professional matters, I’m glad to introduce you my fourth project on LEGO ideas. Unlike the others projects (all them virtually designed with LDD), this one has been built with real pieces from my collection of LEGO sets. I guess it took about 2.000 pieces attached on a 32x32 base plate.

Front Building: Carpentry

It is a one floor building with a working area and a small loft for storing battens and wood material. The working area has four lift stands, manually operated by a crank, for working on the boats. Each stand has a rubber wheel on its top to hold the boats in a stable way.

The carpentry is further provided with a working table for preparing the wood, a container for gathering the sawdust, and several tools hanged on the walls.

Once the work is finished, the boats are directly released to the river through a ramp, with the assistance of two chains hanging from an arched door.

Rear Building: Smithy, Dojo and Balcony

The rear building is partially raised on a rock. It has a structure made with wooden columns and beams. The walls are made of masonry covered with plaster, except one of them, which is a mixture of masonry and stone.

The building has two entrances. The first one provides access to the smithy from the dock. The second one provides access to the dojo from a staircase cast on the rock.


It has an entrance arch made of stone and decorated with Japanese weapons (Sai and Katanas). The staircase has thirteen steps that go from the street to the dojo, partially sheltered by an old tree.

Smithy (Ground Floor)

The smithy occupies the ground floor of the rear building. Its main feature is a stone oven cast on the rock, having a chimney formed by a natural channel within the same.

Dojo (First Floor)

The dojo occupies the first floor of the rear building. Its main feature is a training tatami that fully covers a large surface of the first floor. Several windows provide the necessary sunlight for practising martial arts, while many traditional weapons hang from the wall.

Balcony (Upper Floor)

The balcony is the spiritual place of the dojo’ Sensei. The bonsai and the reeds provide harmony and peace to this space.


Master Carpenter.

Apprentice Carpenter.




Martial Arts Student (Man)

Martial Arts Student (Woman)

Also: a spider, a rat and a bat.


I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!


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