Product Idea

Reversible Modular Jewelry

Roof Hinges

Another important element that should be improved is the roof hinge. 
I have decided to change the blue ones because they will give firmness
to the structure of each wing of the roof. The parts have been replaced:

-Plate 2x1 w / holder, vertical and Plate 1x2 W / Shaft 3.2

The new ones:

-Plate 1x2 W / Stub vertical / end and Plate 1x2 W / Fork / Vertical / end

New pic and changes!

In this update I have added two pieces that i forget in the original model and are 
fundamental to help hold the balcony. On the other hand I changed the chair of the 
attic, the other chair was not bad, but maybe it was anachronistic ..
I hope you like the update. Please your opinions are fundamental to improve the project.
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