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Reversible Modular Jewelry


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Welcome to the jewelry block. A building with two facades so you can choose the best address for your city.

Here we will find a lot of brightness, your minifigures will be able to buy jewelry and valuable objects.

Here there is everything, necklaces, earrings, rings, diamonds, sapphires, and even pieces that our friend

the adventurer gemologist has discovered or has to discover thanks to the old maps.


In the street there is suspicion of a thief who wants to visit the jewelry at night,

but the police are always attentive and it will not be easy. Passers-by look at the window

where there are rings and diamonds. A showcase that the minifigures can not avoid looking

like the woman of the great pamela. Between the floors we can find a patio with a hanging lamp.


Access to the first floor through spiral staircases located on the outside with interior access.

Enjoy the views from the balcony and breathe deeply the flowers of the balcony.

In the attic we will also find a safe where the owner of the jewelery keeps her most precious item.

The set contains a Jewelery and 7 minifigures (in order of appearance)

-Briefcase man
-Jewelry owner
-Rich woman
-Man with bowler hat

I hope you like the idea, design it with all the love of the world, it's for you. Thank you very much for your support

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