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Lego Imperial Frigate


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The Lego Imperial Flagship (Set #10210) was my favorite model that I never got the chance to own and the Pirates theme was always my favorite theme. After the Lego Imperial Flagship was discontinued, I always hoped Lego would come out with a new one to replace it. Unfortunately, they didn't. Because of that, I have taken it upon my-self to add to the legacy of the impressive ships that Lego has designed over the years. So, I present to you the 10-gun, Lego Imperial Frigate!


I Started off with a longer hull, which made it possible to fit 10 guns in the lower gun-deck. This also added enough space to add a small barracks area, a larger kitchen, and weapon storage. The front of the ship has the prison, with a captured pirate captain and sailor. The top deck consists of a hatch to access the lower deck area, as well as the detailed Admirals quarters. I decided to have four masts to help fill out the deck even more. On top of the Admirals quarters is the helm of the ship. The set would come with 14 minifigures.


My Lego Imperial Frigate is built with 2361 pieces. In the event of this becoming a real Lego set, offical lego sails would be used instead of sails made from plates. I believe that my model would look great next to the Imperial Flagship. If agree and you like what you see and want to see more models like this, then please click that blue support button! Also, don't forget to follow and share it with all your friends! Thank you all in advance and brick on!


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