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James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

Articulated James Webb Space Telescope.

This approximately 100th scale LEGO model demonstrates how the James Webb Space Telescope fits in the top of an Ariane 5 rocket until it unfolds in space. It transforms between the compact model to the open version through hinged joints, so that the heat shields can be fixed into place.

Following on from the Apollo Missions, Northrop Grumman teamed up with NASA again in 2002. Their replacement to the Hubble Telescope, which was launched by the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1990, is currently due to launch in December 2021. At 100 times more powerful, the James Webb Telescope will orbit the Sun rather than the Earth and observe the stars and galaxies as they formed billions of years ago.

This scientific model recreates a marvel of engineering for education through play. Astronomy has always been a key science topic and with reusable rockets starting a new space-era, this model will help teach students about spacecraft, spaceships, satellites and the exploration of, or missions to, other planets in our solar system or beyond. For more information, please view the “Into the Unknown” video on YouTube.

Features include:
⦁ Fully Articulated Parts
⦁ Unfolding Solar Panel, Front and Back Heat Shield Covers
⦁ Hinged Primary Mirror
⦁ Articulated arms holding Secondary Mirror with final alignment
⦁ 2 Axis positional Communication Dish and Radio Antennae
⦁ Multi-Layer front and back Heat shield that can be fixed into place
⦁ Positional thrusters
⦁ Heavy and stable base for display purposes

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