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Escape Game: Carter's Secret


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Welcome stranger!

If you read this message, it means that you have successfully entered my home. Don't worry, and please don't go! I need your help. I run a very great danger, only you can succeed in getting me out of this mess. In my rush, I just damaged my old machine, it will self-destruct in an hour! I got stuck in it. Join me in the planetarium as soon as possible and activate the telescope. But for that, you will have to look for the bulb on the second floor! Be quick, I need some oxygen supply!

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Are you ready? So let the game begin!
I have been waiting for a long time before starting this project. I've always wanted to create an Escape Game as a lego set, but I never knew how to start: what to focus on, creating a visual aesthetic MOC or an ugly multi-gadget house? Well, I tried to mix both versions the best as possible. It wasn't easy at all, to be honest. Indeed, I first started to design a clean mansion, it took me many times to finally have a nice looking one. Adding the hidden mechanisms and hints was very difficult and I gave up several times. Everything is done now, and ready to be presented here on lego ideas! Welcome to Carter's Secret.
I didn't expect to use that many lego elements to assemble this model. In the beginning, I wanted to make something small, compact and under 1'000 bricks. But here it is, the model contains 2919 bricks including 3 minifigures: Oria, Toms & Carter. The model is composed of 6 removable parts. You will start by using the first stage and after discovering the first three hints, you will be able to attach the other parts, one after the other.
This is an open build, only the front is finished: I think that is the best way to mix the contradictory philosophy of a good lego set: the display and the playable mode. After building lots of licensed lego projects, I wanted for one time to try something new and the idea of an escape game truly convinced me: I hope it's the same for you too!
You will have 60 minutes (1 hour) to get through all the rooms from the main entrance to the mysterious laboratory and save Newt Carter. It sounds easy? Well, I can assure you that it will make you crazy sometimes. Some hidden mechanisms will help you to find hints to continue your journey through another room: but you will need to work together to achieve the goal. A family-friendly game that will satisfy kids and adults for sure!

After playing to lots of real Escape Rooms, and plenty of Escape board Games, I'm rather aware of the difficulty of this lego project. I can without hesitation award a 3/5 for the difficulty.
If you have any other questions about how the game works, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section!
The game is coming to an end. Thank you for your help, Carter is safe now! 60minutes is very short, but you managed to find all the keys to achieve this challenge. But you forgot one thing, without this I wouldn't be able to send you the final reward: you still need to click on a blue button (I think it is on the top right of the page). There is a mysterious note written there, "Support". I don't know really how it works, but when you click on it you will succeed the journey, so don't hesitate to give it a try!

Many thanks for your courage and the help,

Thomas, Engineer of The Great Escape
(Twitter: @project_brick)

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