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Angel's X-71 Starfighter 'The Valkyrie'

Angel's X-71 Starfighter Code-Named "The Valkyrie".

I created this ship with the shape of a heart in mind. Other ships for a potential 'series' could be stars, rainbow, bow, etc.

Created for the Pink Pilots revealed in Minifigs Series 6. What good is a crew of Pink Pilots and not a single matching ship?!

This kit utilizes multiple shades of pink, purple, and magenta as it's main accents.

The ship gives the illusion of size, but with some well placed accent tubes the ship can remain fairly light without skimping on overall scale. Thus providing a larger scaled set for a lower cost.

The Valkyrie is truly strong enough for a Man, but built for a Woman!

More photo's here:

This kit could come with a Service Ladder or some form of fueling center.

Detail of how cockpit is placed between "wings".

Rear detail of kits angles.

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