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Live From Space! Lives of Astronauts


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Inspired by the real space stations, this imaginary minifig-scale space outpost is the place for all variety of crew members working together and expanding the human frontier- the moon, Mars, and beyond!

The main structure measures 9" (23 cm) tall, 8" (21 cm) wide, and 8" (21 cm) long when closed. Open and check out the spacious interior filled with detachable, customizable instrument racks. What do your crew do today? Grab fresh veggies from the plant rack, exercise on a treadmill... busy days ahead! After press conference, enjoy the cosmic view from the large dome window and have some snacks. There are extra storage spaces under the floor... or above the ceiling, depending on your orientation if you are in zero gravity!

Through the airlock, go outside and perform spacewalk to capture a satellite, install and repair exterior equipment. The deployable mast and robot arm are also available for your ride. The robot arm itself can walk like an inchworm, grabbing the fixture sites (axle holes) located throughout the exterior of the space station.

In addition to the realistic interior racks and space gadgets, there are some fictional components as well, such as the solar panel "wings" for the spacesuits to get electricity during your spacewalk. There are some fun hidden features, such as a spider under an instrument rack.

By the way, have you noticed somebody put up the Astronaut Crossing sign outside? We don't have a classic spaceman crew... or do we??

The main features of this set include:
  • 7 space crewmembers that consist of 5 adults (Commander, Pilot, Doctor, Media Crew, Singer) and 2 children (Geologist, Artist), 2 spacesuits with optional solar panel wings, and one secret spaceman!
  • Blue uniforms (spare)
  • Robot Arm that walks on the exterior using fixture sites (axle holes highlighted on the 11th image)
  • 8 rack spaces and 10 racks for customization
  • A large dome window
  • Large storage space on top, 8 smaller storage spaces on bottom with detachable floor panels
  • Treadmill (cardio exercise equipment) compatible with the floor panels
  • Heavy lifting machine (resistive exercise equipment) compatible with the floor panels
  • Deployable mast with an optional platform to attach spacesuit boots
  • A satellite with axle holes and handles for Robot Arm capture and astronauts' manual capture
  • Mini blaster as a cubesat launcher (CubeSats are small satellites that are on the rise- many cubesats are developed, launched, and operated by students and companies in the world). The launcher is compatible with the robot arm
  • Ubiquitous holes on the floor panels and ceiling to hold laptops and monitors anywhere
  • Piece count: 2990

The 10 detachable customizable instrument racks included in this set are:
  • Storage Rack with 3 drawers
  • Urine Processor to recycle water
  • Robot Arm Console equipped with keyboards, displays, and a joystick controller
  • Microscope rack with a 2x2 tile of a magnified tardigrade image (Tardigrades, also known as water bears, can survive space vacuum!)
  • CO2 Scrubber Rack to clean air
  • Plant Rack with a sliding table of fruits and vegetables
  • Space Toilet (a potty and vacuum suction tube)
  • Glove box to put minifig hands in the environment-controlled work bench to peform tests
  • Sleeping Quarter for beauty sleep
  • Spacewalk Air Lock, where you don and doff your spacesuit

Do you want to expand this space outpost? Yes you can! The station has a docking port (panel with window and 4 pin holes, 49699) as an expansion interface that is compatible with existing LEGO sets such as:
  • the new sets 60348 "Moon Rover", 60349 "Lunar Space Station", and 60350 "Lunar Research Base"
  • the spacecraft in the set 60227 "Lunar Space Station"
  • the rocket in the set 60228 "Deep Space Rocket"
  • the rocket in the 60229 "Rocket Assembly & Transport"
  • the subsea modules of the set 60265 "Ocean Exploration Base"

The recent commercial spaceflghts started to bring people of diversified backgrounds to space. I wanted to make a LEGO set that celebrates this exciting trend. With these customizable racks, docking interface compatible with the legacy LEGO sets, and large interior volume, this build will be a great set that stimulates imagination and to make your own stories of space exploration.

Thank you for your support!

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