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Live From Space! Lives of Astronauts


Doggy Moonwalk

Which dog will be the first moonwalker?


The first calligraphy of the year 2023

In reality, it'd be almost impossible to sit in a kneeling position if you wear a extravehicular spacesuit!
The surface tension of the ink may be strong compared to the 1/6G paper on the paper, and the brush would stick to the paper as you try to lift the brush off the paper. Thank you earth gravity and air!


Happy New Year

The historical first moonwalk by a child 👧and rabbit 🐇 (zodiac animal of 2023)

The bubble parts 61287 are so useful! They fit on the rabbit with the long years. Amazing compatibility by LEGO!

The bamboo decoration is called Kadomatsu, Hapanese new year display.


Happy Holidays🎄

The baby astronaut is adding final touches to the extravehicular Xmas tree


Inside the fireplace

Inside the fireplace- the plant module was modified.


Fireplace in the lunar habitat

Decorated fireplace 🎄
In reality, a fireplace consumes oxygen that is precious in the enclosed environment, so it is less like that crew in a lunar habitat can enjoy the ambience. Enjoy only in LEGO!


Tree Decoration by X'mas Color Classic Spacemen 🟥⬜️🟩

Seasonal extravehicular activity!

Almost like te Italian nation flag 🟩⬜️🟥


Teamwork inside and outside the spacecraft

Spacewalk cannot be done without crew's help from inside the space vehicle.

intravehicular crew monitoring his colleague outside

Extravehicular acticity (a.k.a EVA)


Satellite Capture

Did you know that astronauts used to capture satellites by hand?! In the early Space Shuttle days, the space cowboys use to free-fly around the shuttle ane grabbed satellites.
Even in microgravity, it is still hard to start moving and stop heavy mass. Your spacesuit joints are stress and torques as you grab and move a large satellite, and you hear oxygen leaking from the spacesuit joints!

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