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Downhill Ski Resort


Welcome to my Downhill Ski Winter Resort!

The equipment features a functioning ski lift (manual operation) and the manager's appartment with a removable (modular) roof.

The skiers and snowboarders enjoy freestyle downhill (just try to nudge a skier atop the hill with your finger and you will see him rush down!).

Once down the hill, they pass through the gate and continue the path to the lift. It's up to you to lift them up rolling the cable from behind the wall! Then, there we are atop again to enjoy a new ride!

The skiers and snowboarders are free to buy refreshments on their way to the lift. Tea, coffee, hot cocoa and cookies are offered.

Let the visitors enjoy the winter fun until sunset. Then it's time for the manager to see them off and to retire to his furnished appartment in the slope.

Just open up the top part of the lift and the roof to welcome the manager home, let him cook his dinner and doze off in front of the TV before a new day and new guests come.

Minifigures: 3 skiers (optional), 3 snowboarders (optional), 1 resort manager, 1 refreshments stall vendor

Approximately 900 bricks, tiles and other Lego parts were used to build this project.

See the project in move on my YouTube:

I hope you enjoyed your time spent at the resort with the other (minifigure!) visitors. I will be happy if you support my project. Don't hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you!

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