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Yan Can Cook Show


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Concept and Design
I’m so excited to share my new model - Yan Can Cook TV Show. I got inspiration from the TV show studio concept to an explored Yan Can Cook being a general idea. "Yan Can Cook" by chef Martin Yan is a popular Chinese cooking show from Shanghai to San Francisco as well as in the international (such as UK, Canada, Vietnam, etc). I would tell a bit about his background, Yan was born in Guangzhou in China, is technically a second-generation 'French' who was inspired by his mother in the small kitchen of their family restaurant. His whole life with a purpose is to promote Chinese cuisine, make it easy and delicious to cook for diners. I remember that when I was eight, my mother started following his show. After dinner, I always spend time seat in front of the TV watching his show with my mother. It was really fun and made me interested in cooking. I really love "Yan Can Cook."

I think this idea will be a great Lego Set of approximately 894 Lego pieces with one Minifigure (Martin Yan) that many people could enjoy! Due to many tv show series, here, I want to present the modern studio kitchen with "Yan Can Cook" and it's also the main key for builders to think back in the part of the original of his show. I would say that this is a very inspiring project about the tradition, culture, and food of the Chinese. The model shows so many details, very neat but simple interior design.

Width: 10 in / 254mm
Depth: 6.8 in / 172.72mm 
Height: 4.6 in / 116.84mm

The big challenge for me is the layout of how to fit and could present the whole idea of the model with the different perspective views such as the main scene reflect extra scenes. It is telling you what the story is, what kind of cultures are, when and where it is going on, and beyond. An interesting thing in my design is "flexibility" that I can be the interchangeable position of the audience and director area (same size frame), as well as designed opening two parts for more seeing clearly and focusing on the main scene. Thank you to all the supporters! Thank you to all the followers!

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vboihuynh (David)

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