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Thank You All!


It is me again. I just want to thank you for all the support I have got on this project. As of now the project have almost 1000 supporter! But the time is ticking and in a few days the project will be expired if it does not reach 1000 supporters in time. It would mean the world to me if you support or share this project.

Thank you once again for the support and the nice comments! :)



Thanks for all the support! :)


Just wanted to thank every single one of you who has supported this project and for all the nice comments. As of now we are soon passing the 400 supporter state, but it is going a bit slow. You are very welcomed to share this procect, to gather more attention to it. How fast can we reach 500 supporters?

Oh! I almost forgot, here is also a scene I made of Phil explaining a magic trick while making pancakes! 

Thanks once again! :)


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