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Modern Family


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Project description

This project is based on the famous comedy series Modern Family. A tv show where you get to follow the life of three different but related families and.I got introduced to this Tv show quite recently and I fell in love with it instantly and decided it would be fun if it was a LEGO set based on it for all of the other fans out there.  

The Model

I decided to base this model from the first season, as you can see on my choice of characters that I picked. However you could definitely base it on later seasons. So that you for example would get the character Joe Pritchet and the dog Stella, and maybe even Haley’s and Dylan’s twin children, Poppy and George.   

The model contains the three houses the characters live in and where a lot of the scenes unfolds. The houses are not perfectly accurate but I have tried to at least capture the iconic features and interior. The whole model is built with around 3000 parts. However it could be a lot smaller if you for example just made a couple of rooms from the show and not the whole house facade, something like the LEGO Ideas Friends set (21319). Then the model would probably contain less pieces and more people would be able to buy it. 

The Dunphy house is the largest of the three houses. It contains the living room and the kitchen. A stair leads you up to the second floor (if you do not fall on the broken step) where you find Luke’s bedroom. Jay and Gloria’s house is the smallest house. Here you can find a kitchen and a living room and Manny’s bedroom on the second floor as well as Jay’s printer. A fun touch to the house would be the mannequin Barkley in the living room. Lastly but not least we have Cam and Mitchell’s house. Which also contains a living room and a kitchen. Even though they do not own the second floor I thought it was better to use that space instead of wasting it, so I added Lily’s bedroom. 

I would have loved to put more details to the build and easter eggs from the show but with LEGO IDEAS 3000 parts restriction that was unfortunately not possible. 

Characters (minifigures)

  • Phil Dunphy 

  • Claire Dunphy 

  • Haley Dunphy

  • Alex Dunphy

  • Luke Dunphy

  • Jay Pritchet

  • Gloria Delgado

  • Manny Delgado

  • Mitchell Pritchet

  • Cameron Tucker

  • Lily Tucker

I would love to hear your thoughts about this project in the comment section below! 

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Thank you!


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