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I will be honest. Zilla is my favorite kaiju EVER. He is very underrated. This big lizard is impressive, fast, flexible, maneuverable, strong and smart.

I designed the sets for a 1998 film about a powerful animal named Zilla. People thought it was the original Japanese Godzilla, but it turned out to be a mutated iguana. She invaded New York and laid many eggs with small predatory cubs on the subway. The entire brood of Zilla, as well as poor Zilla himself, were demised. But one egg in the subway survived. After Zillah Jr. was born, he found the scientist Nick Tatopoulos. Nick was the first person Zillah Jr. saw, and the scientist became his foster father. Zilla Jay begins his journey as a defender of his father and a fighter against other various aggressive mutated species...

This set is presented as diorama, that includes a big lego T rex-sized Zilla(of course) sitting on the skyscraper. Also this set have a mini stand with baby zilla, an egg with Zilla's embryo and minifig of the main character named Nick "Wormguy" Tatopoulos, and he have a fish in his hand, because a fish is Zilla's natural food.


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