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Mini High Speed Train


Mini High Speed Train R.I.P.

Well, this is the last time that you will see this project open for supporters. 5/12/2018


Projects that I will never submit again.

In the past, I have submitted some fairly good projects. I'm not boasting, or anything like that. However, I have made projects that were just not "wowwing" the people. This is going to be a list of LEGO Ideas posts that I've done in the past that I will, and might or might not, post again. The list below is not in any particular order:

  • BrickHeadz We Bare Bears: This project did okay, considering that it got 46 supporters out of a possible10k. However, this project was not badly built. Due to what my big sister and I saw in the Bear Ride episode, I will not support the show anymore by resubmitting this project. The episodes have gotten worse from that episode on, as they are now weird, and not enjoyable.
  • Yummy Chocolate Cake!: In sixty days, this project only got 14 supporters. That's really bad! All that can be done with it is making it an office display, and rearranging the cake pieces. I might or might not resubmit this project, but I will most likely do the latter.
  • Railway Maintenance: This project got 24 supporters. It's not the amount of supporters that makes me want to not want to resubmit this project, but the play abilities. Sure, there are two LEGO minifigures, tools, a speeder, and a work wagon. But it doesn't seem like too much is there for the adult or child to play with. Once again, it's a might or might not for me.
  • Box in a Box in a Box!: Like the previous project that I mentioned, this project also got 24 supporters. This project has even fewer play abilities than the Railway Maintenance project, as all you can do with it is open up the yellow box, take the orange one out and open that one up, and get to the blue one. That's just about all you can do. This project is not coming back anytime soon, for sure.
  • Mini High Speed Train: This is one of my projects that is still surviving. It only has a sad amount of 9 supporters. 99,991 supporters to go! A contributor named martyns said this, "Not my favourite of your sets, but nice none - the least. Supporter #9 (Because some of your other trains are REALLY amazing! )" Here's what I said back to him: "Thank you! When I put the train cars together, I didn't really like it as much as I wanted to. This model was the kind of thing that I slapped together and posted in a hurry. Luckily, a new model is on the way." I guess you can say that everyone has a bad LEGO day once in a while.
  • LEGO 1935 Train: This project only got 16 supporters. Even though it was based off of something that the great Ole Kirk Christiansen, it didn't get any bites. I may bring this back someday...maybe.
  • Passenger Boat: It got 19 supporters. I like it, but I don't think that it would make the cut for a LEGO Ideas set.

So, that's that. Seven LEGO Ideas projects that are not coming back (escpecially the first one). Have a good day! By cheesy. 4/4/2018


Just a quick announcement...

Today is Palm Sunday, and this means that Easter Sunday will come next Sunday. If you have not heard, I gave up posting my models on LEGO Ideas to prepare for the Easter Sunday, excepting on Sundays in between.

This is going to be the last week that I shall stop doing LEGO Ideas posts for a while. However, I will still give up doing posts on Fridays.

Have a good day, and an early Happy Easter! By cheeseinthepie. 3/25/2018