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Subnautica: The Aurora


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What is this?
This project is inspired by the iconic vessel that kickstarts the video game, Subnautica

The Aurora is a Long Range Capital Ship that mysteriously crash lands on an ocean planet, 4546B, leaving the player as the sole survivor to fend for themselves in their new environment and uncover the secrets that this world holds. In Subnautica this beautiful ship is a major landmark and influence for the game, any fan will easily recognize its blimp shape and iconic yellow stripe.

Why did I build it?
This has been a passion project of mine over the past three months, Subnautica is a game that allows you to get lost in its world with its massive scope of creatures and landmarks. It surprised me to see there were no Subnautica Ideas that truly showcased the huge scale that the game likes to envelop its players in, so I took it upon myself to create the perfect display item for any Subnautica fan! I knew I wanted to create the Aurora right off the bat because the design works incredibly well with LEGO and I was determined to take on a bigger project than I have done in the past. The display sign is based off the Lego Star Wars UCS sets as I thought it was a natural fit for what I was going for, it was enjoyable to try and get as many details of the ship correct without going over the piece limit and making it too big.

2,991 pieces in total
Operational: 2,662 pieces
Crashed Parts: 329 pieces
Height: 12.5 inches
Length: 22.5 inches
Width: 11inches

How does the Crashed Version work?
It is actually quite easy! I've laid out all the pieces in image #11 and these pieces are easily swappable with the parts on the Operational Version. You can decide how much of the Aurora is crashed to replicate how it looks in game, my idea was to streamline this as best as possible with the limited piece count and this method helps ensure everyone is happy!

Why should it become official?
Not only is it a perfect display item for any Subnautica fan, it is a fantastic build that is incredibly enjoyable to put together with fun techniques used to create what you see before you. I believe that Subnautica is creative and expansive enough to warrant a LEGO set in its honor and I hope you see the potential that I do in this idea.

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