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Spartan Helmet of Leonidas


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I have always been fascinated by ancient history, events and many objects of the old times. One of those elementswas the famous story of Thermopylae and of the King ancient Sparta Leonidas for his courage, self-denial, altruism and morality.

Thus I decided to design the ancient helmet of King Leonidas.
This famous Spartan helmet is of the Corinthian type and is definitely the most characteristic of the ancient Greek world.

The duration of the Corinthian type helmet begings at the end of the 8th c. e.g. and lasts untill the classical period, when it gradually gave way to the Pilos type helmet.

We find depictions of Corinthian helmets in angiography and sculpture not only of the archaic and classical times but even during the Roman period, although this type had ceased to be used many years ago.

This is due to the glory that the Corinthian helmet had due to its relationship with the glorious past. During the wars of the Greeks against the Persians it had become a symbol of bravery and courage.

According to ancient sources, this type of helmet has its origin in Corinth and that is why it is called Corinthian.
It completely covered the head, leaving only the eyes and mouth free. Its main disadvantage was that it limited vision and especially hearing, however it was one of the most popular helmets of all time to date.

Nowadays this helmet is used in movies and design wise we find it in the first basic design concepts in comic superheroe’s suits.

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