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Sand Castle


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It's time to put a spin on the castle theme with a LEGO Sand Castle! If you like summer, beaches, castles, or just LEGO in general, then this is the set for you!

The Sand Castle is fun for play and also fun for display. On the play side, it is an ever-popular "Minifigure-scale" castle. However, instead of the usual medieval knights and dragons, the Sand Castle is full of City Minifigures having fun at the beach! As presented, there is a:

  • Sunbathing couple in beach chairs on top of the castle
  • Lemonade stand with a young entrepreneur using people's thirst to make money
  • Tiny sand castle being constructed using the larger castle's sand
  • Lifeguard keeping lookout from one of the tall towers
  • Telescope mounted on another tower for stargazing at night

The Sand Castle is "human-scale" in addition to being "Minifigure-scale":

  • The main castle structure (without sand) has a 10" x 10" base and stands 8.5" tall.
  • The rainbow pinwheel (spun by a PoweredUp hub and motor inside castle) raises the height of the build to 15" tall.
  • The shovel fits comfortably in hand at 8" long.
  • The yellow sand-mold bucket is simply a classic Lego Duplo bucket from year 1998. It was already designed for humans.

I think the Sand Castle will also be a rewarding and unique building experience. The walls and the curved towers all angle inwards to portray the slopes you might find on a real sand castle. (Real sand isn't great at making walls perfectly perpendicular to the ground.) There's a bunch of Lego math and Technic I'm proud of within the model to make the sloped walls possible and nearly seamless. Additionally, the shovel, pinwheel, and Minifigure furniture are all fun off-grid builds.

For those that like to customize builds (or myself during development), the Sand Castle has a modular construction. The castle splits apart into 4 towers, 4 walls, roof, and a base skeleton, all held robustly together with limited connection points. You can disassemble the model into its modules, swap out one of them with your own design, and then put everything back together.

If produced into an actual LEGO set, I think it would be cute if the Sand Castle's box is the bucket that goes on display with the build. After all, most sand castles begin life within a bucket too. I'm not 100% sure if the staged Duplo bucket can fit all of the Sand Castle's pieces, but I don't think it would have to be too much larger if not. (My liberal part count estimate is between 1000 to 1500 pieces.) I would also hope that, if LEGO uses a bucket as a box, its extra plastic is somehow offset so that it does not negatively impact conservation of beach and ocean environments.

Let me know in the comments what type of updates you'd like to see me release for the Sand Castle. This could be anything from medieval/desert keep alternate builds to addition of vehicles like boats or ATVs. I hope to release these updates as the project hits the major 1k, 5k, and 10k milestones. Please vote support help reach those milestones and let others know to do the same!!

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