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This is a House Boat, another one of my mocs. I built this because i wanted a house boat in my port for my lego city, but i couldn't find one that I liked. So i decided to build my own and this is what i cam up with. Right when you walk into the door, you see the kitchen and the bed at the back of the boat with a large window and blinds, then when you walk into the kitchen, you see a sink, stove/oven, cabinets, and some extra counter space where you can prepare food for your family. Then when you walk outside, you look down and see the beautiful wood floor along with the nice railing with a ladder to get up from the lake or ocean. Then you see a ladder and your climb up it, when you get to the top, you see counters with a stool and the drivers spot to steer the ship. This set includes 2 teenager's, a mom, and a dad.and a camera. I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it would add a great addition to your lego city port or you can out it on your desk or shelf just for decoration.

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