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Dental Office


Welcome to the Lego Dental Office!  Everyone should see their dental provider at least twice a year.  These visits are important for not only oral health, but can also provide information about a person’s risk for disease states that affect the entire body.

My daughter absolutely loves going to the dentist, and has had a great time taking several of her Lego “patients” in for dental exams in this new model.  This set can help both children and adults familiarize themselves with a dental lane and the professionals they encounter there – the dental hygienist and dentist.

Included in this set are a dental hygienist, dentist, and patient minifigures.  The dental chair can fully recline, and provides easy access to the dental tools and tray, including a cuspidor/spittoon.  The autoclave allows for easy sterilization of the dental equipment.  The dental x-ray tucks away neatly into the cabinet next to the autoclave.  My daughter was very happy to include a prize box / toothbrush drawer for well-behaved patients!

Our patient here is a little hesitant upon first arriving, but after being seated comfortably, quickly warms up to the exam.  He is protected with a lead apron during x-rays and with a dental bib during cleaning and examination.  The dentist and dental hygienist also have their proper protective equipment, donning blue gloves, and the hygienist can be seen wearing a face mask. 

Thanks to the great care of these dental professionals, our patient leaves with a healthy, happy smile!

This is the third set in my Lego Healthcare models, don’t forget to support the Lego Optometry Office and Lego Community Pharmacy.  Thank you!

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