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Community Pharmacy


This is the Lego Community Pharmacy.  As America’s most accessible healthcare provider, pharmacists can be found providing patient care in numerous settings.  This set depicts some of the duties that the public is most familiar with, although behind the scenes much more is occurring.  It is the second in a series designed to familiarize children with different aspects of healthcare. 


When I created my Lego Optometry Office as a present for my daughter for Christmas, she read the gift tag and questioned which doctor it was from.  As a pharmacist, my wife also has her doctorate degree, and that’s when I realized I could create a Lego Community Pharmacy for my daughter as well!


The Lego Community Pharmacy comes complete with Pharmacist, Technician, and Customers/Patients.  

All the pieces in the set are Lego originals, but stickers have been added to make the prescription label, HIPAA privacy sign, and the computer.

If you have worked in a pharmacy you will appreciate seeing the mortar and pestle, amber prescription vials, ergonomic floor mat (for those long hours of standing), and prescription pads.  There is even a signature pad next to the cash register.

The shelves are neat and orderly, and there is also a cabinet that opens for storage of C-II’s, or it could be used as a refrigerator for insulin or vaccines. 

The customers can be seen dropping off prescriptions, picking up and paying for their medication while receiving counseling, and even checking their blood pressure while waiting.

Thank you for your support, and if you haven’t already done so, support the Lego Optometry Office!

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