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I started this design early in 2016 as my daughter began to play with Legos.  I made two identical sets, one intended as a gift to her and the other as a gift for our staff Christmas party.  The set is modeled after the exam room layout in our office.

After a colleague posted the set on a social media page dedicated to optometrists, and seeing the overwhelming positive feedback for the design, I decided to submit it here.


The Lego Optometrist Office includes both doctor and patient.  Those familiar with an eye exam will recognize the phoroptor (device to assess glasses prescriptions) as well as the slit lamp microscope (used to assess ocular health).  Also included is a BIO (binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, used for retinal exams), an occluder for covering eyes during vision testing, and a hand held ophthalmoscope.

All the pieces in the set are original Legos, available as existing pieces - no pieces are custom made, though I did add decals with an authentic eye chart as well as a computer monitor with an EHR (electronic health record) and retinal photograph. 


This set can be used as an introduction for children to aspects of healthcare not typically covered in Lego sets.  It would also serve as a opportunity to show a child the layout of a typical optometry office.

Healthcare in Legos is usually reserved for ambulances and emergency care, not for specialized areas of the body.  This could be a jump for Lego to other professions (ie dentists, veterinarians).

Optometrists are also fiercely loyal to their profession and love eye related paraphernalia.

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