The Flintstones

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    Thanks for over 8000 supporters!


    Thanks to everyone who has made this milestone possible by supporting, and or spreading this project link! The finishing post is getting closer. Please feel free to post any of my Flintstones images to websites to help promote it.

    Once this project gets to 9K votes I will go over my design and see if any new elements may improve it. Thanks again!


    The Flintstones "In The Wild" and 7000 supporters!


    The LEGO Ideas team featured this project on Facebook, and Twitter as part of their #LEGOIdeasInTheWild series. It was exciting to see my design featured, and to pass the 7000 supporters mark! So a big thank you to everyone who has supported this project, It's your support that makes this possible!

    If you think others might like this idea, please share the project link, thanks!




    Thanks for over 6000 supporters!


    Thank you to everyone who viewed and voted for this project! I loved designing it and creating all the graphics. People ask where is Dino? I cannot edit the main images, but here in the updates I can show him. He does show futher down but I wanted him to be at the top so it's easy to find him.

    I still have a way to go, so if you would like this as a LEGO set click support, and share the project link. Thanks! and any ideas on good places to post this for support please let me know :)

    Some of my other LEGO creations are Here

    I also have a Thunderbirds Are Go set design on Ideas Here

    Flintstones Brick Show interview.


    This is a longer Brick Show interview where I go through my Flintstones set, its design, and play features.



    Beyond the Brick interview at philly Brick Fest.


    I was interviewed by Beyond the Brick at Philly Brick fest, and got to talk about, and show my Flintstones LEGO Ideas project. I start at 40:08 

    Also The Brick show did a video starting at 34:10 Here  I talk about various models, and discuss my flintstones set at 36:20

    I had a lot of fun talking to fans about my LEGO Doctor Who and Flintstones designs, and checking out lots of other LEGO creations!



    Staff pick, and main image with Dino!


    Very proud to see my project as staff pick. Thanks for all the comments!

    I was curious to see what my main project image would look like now that I have Dino. I quickly composited a Dino render into the photo, he would likely have a different stance.

    Larger images of this on my Flickr here

    Also top tip in Photoshop Assign Profile: sRGB IEC61966 2.1 to your images this way what you see in Photoshop will more closely be replicated online. I Forgot to do this for my main project images my bad!





    Flintstones cookout


    The Flintstones and Rubbles are having a cookout. I will be having a big meal too as it's my birthday, which of course means I get to buy LEGO.



    Dino is here!

    More Flintstones images here

    Getting a good brick built Dino was I thought a near impossible task. Being stubborn, never giving up, and believing that with enough iteration, and creative parts usage it could be done, I bring you Dino.

    What interesting elements do you see? Let me know in the comments. 

    Ideally I would like the arms to be one plate thickness forward. I will continue to tweak this design.

    The ONLY way this stands a chance at becoming an official LEGO set is to get 10,0000 supporters. If you would like The Flintstones as a LEGO set, support, and spread the project link. Thanks!

    And my project appeared on The Bricks Hub here

    BrickQueen did a great video of my project


    Where is Dino? and design notes.

    I am working on different designs for Dino and will show images in an update when I feel I have something good to show. Being brick built it will not be as accurate as a unique mold, but LEGO ideas does not allow project creators to propose new molds/ elements.
    Design notes:
    With The Flinstones LEGO set design I wanted to emulate the look and feel of the show by having a dynamic, fun, colorful design and composition. LEGO lends itself well to this and enabled me to make the Flintstones car look in motion on it's dirt road and be full of fun and character having Bamm-Bamm holding on swinging his club. As the car can be positioned on its base using a ball joint I thought it would be fun to show the car tip with the weight of the Dinosaur ribs. Wherever possible I introduced color, and details such as using the Wampa / Tauntaun horn for the Flintstone's phone, purple bananas for the plants, and Aladdin's hair piece for Bamm-Bamm. Animals feature in the Flintstones, so I felt having a Dinosaur powered mower and music player would be fun details. I also tried to incorporate some of the latest elements such as 1/4 circle tile, and element 23443 Bar Holder with Handle. When I had all the design details I wanted I checked to see if the elements have been used fairly recently in a set. For example the Palm tree trunk segments and base were last used in 2004, so I looked for another solution. It's fitting that a Dinosaur tail element last used in 2014 was chosen as It simulates the fun curve and wider at the base look of the show's tree. After this check I built in real LEGO and started a stability and optimization pass, which can be one and the same thing. Doing this made it more sturdy, and reduced part count by 90, while still keeping all the details and the look and feel of my original design. 
    If you would like to see this as an official LEGO set, feel free to support and spread the project link. Thanks!