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Thunderbirds Are Go


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This LEGO set proposal is based on the 2015 animated series Thunderbirds Are Go I intend to design another set proposal based on the original Thunderbirds later in 2017Growing up I loved watching the Thunderbirds with its cool vehicle designs, characters and missions.
If you would like Thunderbirds Are Go as an official LEGO set click the blue support button, and share the link on social media. If it gets 10,000 supporters it could become a real LEGO set sold in stores and online!
More, and higher resolution images will be added on my Flickr Here
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Set includes:
  • Thunderbird 2: features fold up/down landing gear/legs and wings. Cockpit roof can detach showing cockpit interior with microfigures, controls and various printed parts. Pod can detach by pulling out side Technic 3m liftarms that are connected internally to a LEGO elastic band. (I will show this, and folded wings in an update) Pod door can open and hold one vehicle. Pod has wheels attached so the pod or whole craft can be pushed.
  • Two smaller vehicles: Thunderbird4, and The Mole. Each of these can fit inside the pod.( My images show The Elevator Car. I later learned it does not seem to show in the new series. Life lesson learned, don't assume the new series has it. I may do an update with another vechicle of the same size to replace it.)
  • 5 microfigures, John, Alan, Scott, Virgil, and Gordon Tracy that give a sense of scale to the model. I may add Minifigures as an update.

I think Thunderbirds Are Go translates well into LEGO, would be a good display model, and has a good amount of playability.

Set Information:

  • Total part count 721
  • TB2 Measures 11" long 8.25" wide 4" high, and 7" high with legs extended.
  • Designed in LDD, exported to Mecabricks, and rendered with Mental Ray using a HDRI image. Arch and Design materials were used with reflections set to quick interpolate for quicker rendered reflections that both fade and blur with distance from source. The bevel render effect function was used for micro bevels. Render elements were enabled and each 16 bit pass, diffuse, specular, reflections, ambient occlusion, and others were composited in Photoshop.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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