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Medieval Guarded Inn

Mia owns an old tavern in a small town that all travelers – friends and foes – have to pass to reach the golden lands of the Earl of the Black Falcons. Therefore, his knights have built a watchtower at this strategically important position, to see enemies coming from the other side of the forest and controlling the goods for the villagers. They trade their shelter for hot meals and a soft bed.
My build is very loosely inspired by the 6067 “Guarded Inn” from 1986 (that was re-released in 2001). I liked the combination of a medieval half-timbered house and a stone-built tower.
The different sections can be lifted off to reach the fully detailed interior.
You can find the kitchen (with food and a stone oven), stables (with hay), the main room (with stools, barrels and bottles of grape juice), a prison cell, the armory/treasury, a small library and two bedrooms.
The Inn comes with 8 minifigures (Mia, her son, 4 villagers, 2 Black Falcon Knights) and a horse.
I hope you like it, make sure to support, comment and share the Medieval Guarded Inn!
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